Letter from Christopher Sure

This is a letter written by Christopher Sure 


Pine Lake Academy today marks its fifth day of school this being the first week of full school going on for almost everywhere in the country.

As I had indicated earlier that the school was going to be open on Monday 28th January 2008, which was never to be. The kids had stayed at home for too long and were yearning for their precious school and learning times. On that very morning that the school was on, another member of parliament was shot dead and that being the second legislator to be shot dead within a period of one week, fresh chaos erupted all over the country and that forced us to close down the school on the second day of that week, that is, on Tuesday. 

The chaos that erupted after the assassination of the second legislator has been going on and even to date we can only talk of some uneasy calm returning to the country.

We at Pine Lake Academy had much more to worry about more than the chaos that rocked the country following disputed presidential poll results. You (Priscilla) had wondered why someone would want to burn down the school, especially Pine Lake Academy which is in a remote rural village of Kodera.  It is true we are quite a ways away from towns to be so much affected by the chaos that mainly take place in cities, but this is what we got.

On the very Monday, January 28, being the day our school was to open, we received some verbal warnings from people who only said they overheard rumors of people planning to burn down Pine Lake Academy.

 One credible piece of information came from a brother to Helen, the mother of baby Kaylene.  He had come across a group of people who were talking about burning down any school that is found to be going on.  He recognized one person in the group and that was Vincent. (Priscilla talking now: to let you know that Vincent is one of the evil men who planned the robbery and continues to cause chaos and threats on Christopher’s life) Being that Helen’s brother doesn’t live in Kodera and only visits occasionally, he knows very few people, but Vincent is one of the few he knows very well.

 He shared the news with his sister Helen who in turn informed me. We braved that day (Monday) and stayed put until the end of the school day. The second day, that is, Tuesday 9th of January, we got more credible information about a planned evil scheme by Vincent and his team of evil men.

His first wife informed Caleb, who is our head teacher at Pine Lake Academy, which her husband, Vincent, her son Peter and a bunch of other crooks, held a meeting in her house almost all night long and were actually planning to burn down the school.  If we kept our school going – then they had to raise it down. Actually, Vincent’s son Peter, was put in charge of the evil program.

This was the kind of awkward situation we were in. We then sent kids back to their homes early Tuesday after they had their breakfast. I found myself in a state that I am unable to explain and neither was I able to write e-mails to you.

The man, Raila Odinga, whose presidency was stolen intervened by asking anyone who supported him and his quest for justice to let their children go to school, and urged all schools to be opened. He did this on Sunday 3 of February.

The following day, Monday 4th, all schools were open and that is why I stated that today marks the end of our first week of school. 

This is the pressing news of Pine Lake Academy. I thank you very sincerely for praying very hard and that lead us to greater heights. I say this because I am thanking God for revealing to us what takes place in the very secret abodes. We can confidently say “if God is for us, who can be against us.” 

May you keep on praying.

Christopher Sure

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