The Bottom Line… A Recap From a Recent Trip to Kenya

“The BOTTOM LINE first…”

by Priscilla Larsen

It is customary to tell the situation first and at the end, give the BOTTOM LINE. We have just returned from the Kenya Conference mission trip to Nairobi and I am so excited that I thought it best to give you the BOTTOM LINE first and then tell you how it happened! So here it is…


…the Kodera leaders were given the opportunity to dream audacious goals for their community. THEY DID NOT ASK US TO FUND ANY OF IT! As a group and individually, they were able to instigate changes in the strategic areas they determined must be changed!

Here is how it happened. Brad Board took the Pacific Institutes “21 Keys for High Performance Teaching and Learning” – a course aimed to making teachers more efficacious in their teaching of children. Since most of the leaders are also elementary schools teachers of Kodera we determined this was a good approach to take. The book is composed of 21 individual video presentations by Lou Tyce which are followed by guided conversations.

The conversations began slowly because it was a new approach for this group of teachers and leaders. We also included scripture verses that showed how God really is the instigator of truth and soon it began to make sense.

The conference which ran from Tuesday night to Saturday night was very intense, with little spare time. They would need to build one piece of the puzzle on the next in order to come out with an understanding. Miracle of miracles they were on time for ALL the meetings! They loved it and became such a cohesive team determined to change what they individually could in Kodera (first by the changes that would be wrought in their lives and then their teachings).

Saturday we threw it over to Christopher Sure. He took charge of how he would lead the community into thinking the “what are we dreaming for Kodera” ideas. They took the challenge and identified all the large areas they saw had major problems that needed to be addressed. What problems did each area have?

Finally, the whole community determined what two items were priority for next year. After that, they divided into teams and began to dream first the GOAL, and then see the HOW!

The group of leaders left empowered to change their community by their actions, attitudes, habit patterns and to see what could be done by next year!

So, there you have it! We KNEW that this conference would be a tremendous impact on these leaders, but we were not prepared for the extent of the impact it made! Don’t you want to be someone who goes back next August to see the changes that have come about? I will for sure be there!

Thanks for sending us and making the conference possible by your gifts and prayers. Prayers were answered in a BIG way.

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  1. Actually difficult to find skillful persons about this topic, nevertheless, you understand and know what you are preaching about! Appreciate it

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