Partnership with Romania

Missionaries: Adrian and Lavinia Dreana, Targu Jiu, Romania 

Our support for this Romanian couple began with helping finance the completion of their college education. They then married in September 2000 and moved from their home town, Oradea, to Targu Jiu, in the southern part of Romania. 

They believed that their call from God to this community included serving the poorest of the poor along with the business community. We took on their full support and commitment to help them develop what became known as The Living Hope Center. Through this ministry they offer the Living Hope of the Living Lord Jesus Christ. 

Adrian is a natural Evangelist and Church planter and has a very charismatic personality that God uses to draw people to the Gospel. When they first arrived in this region, many times they would be pushed out of town and even had stones thrown at them. They were not wanted because they were “evangelicals” and the people feared them. But, with love, patience and persistence, they have won the love of the people, and it is to the point where ‘everyone’ wants to be part of the Living Hope Center which is now known throughout the region! 

Adrian and Lavinia have 2 daughters: Becky – 7 yrs old and Seia – 5 years old. 

History of our Partnership

The Living Hope Center began as a ministry to meet the needs of the poorest of the poor in Targu Jiu, Romania. It functioned for 3 years in a rented house which was renovated and held a number of ministries. They began tutoring children after school with the thought that Romania could only be changed “one child at a time.” 

In April 2001, Pine Lake Covenant Church sent a 40’ X 40’ container packed full of clothes, medical supplies, furniture, kitchen supplies, toys, etc. This enabled Adrian and Lavinia Dreana to begin a Medical Office equipped with a refurbished ultrasound machine donated by Siemens Medical in Issaquah, WA with the help of Leslie Hope. 

By 2003 they were forced to leave the Living Hope Center house and move to another costly rented home. They began looking for a place to purchase to get out of the constant harassments of the rental agreement. In October 2004, PLCC was able to raise $52,500 to purchase an older former landlord’s home that had been sitting empty for many years. It had a large back yard and was located in a good area of town. It was in desperate need of renovation and again PLCC and another group of people co-funded the renovations for $11,522 and they moved in to a truly adequate center for ministry. 

In 2005, PLCC brought a team to create a truly wonderful back yard with a miniature golf course (unique to Romania) and a large play structure with swings, slides, monkey bars, etc. But the job was not completed until a team came in 2006 to create a ‘park like’ backyard with expert landscaping. This effort was led by Tina and Jay Nyce of Nyce Landscaping in Sammamish, WA which has become the most used facility in Targu Jiu! 

PLCC has participated in many of the Youth Camps by providing teams and finances, as well as prayer. These camps have been fruitful both in winning many youth to the Person of Christ, as well as in developing leadership in those who have grown into Christian maturity. These camps were the stimulus in the beginning of a church in a nearby village, Balesti, and PLCC had the privilege of helping fund the building of the structure, as well as in summer of 2008 PLCC created a large Play Structure on the church property as a community outreach. There is no place for children to play in this community, and this is a large draw to families, where they will come to know the love of Christ. 

The Living Hope Center began a Maternity Clothes Dress Making project as a means to create jobs for women and ultimately bring in income to the center. PLCC first began investing and supporting this project with home sewing machines, fabric and patterns, enabling them to purchase commercial equipment and now they have built up quite a business. There is still a need for further investment in this project in order to enable them to really succeed. 

The Medical Office has received donations of a mammogram machine and new processor. In 2008, a team from PLCC went over to highlight to the women of Romania the need to have mammograms as a first line of defense against the Number 1 cause of death for Romanian women, breast cancer. We put on a conference for women to highlight the symptoms and causes of cancer. It was well attended and the women have finally begun to talk with each other about this very deadly disease and what they can do. 

These give you a few of the initiatives that we as a church have responded to when placed before us. All the projects that we have undertaken are a response to the needs identified to us by the leadership of the ministry in Romania, and we cherish our partnership with this great group of believers. 

If you are interested in knowing more, contact Priscilla Larsen

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