Pine Lake Academy Update

Building of the PINE LAKE ACADEMY in Kodera, Kenya has begun thanks to your generous support at our benefit fundraising luncheon in October! A surprise was awaiting our team who visited Kodera in April 2015. See for yourself

Yes, the FOUNDATION trenches were complete, and we could see the outline of the new school!

The building project is right next to the existing school so we could watch the progress for the week!

Foundation rock pile and local bricks created just for the building of PLA.

all work is done by manual labor…

The women bring the water from Spring Box ¼ mile from the school in 5 gallon buckets on their heads,

and the men create the “volcano” of cement – and transfer it by wheelbarrow to the trenches.

After a week of spending the morning with the 16 Teachers of PLA, and the afternoon with the children, we came to the Dedication Day of the Building Project.

Video of laying the cornerstone – such a BIG DAY in the life of Pine Lake Academy

This was the progress made before we had to leave!

THANK YOU again for YOUR part in getting us to this point at Pine Lake Academy, Kodera Kenya. We will try to keep you up to date now on how it is going!


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