Farming God’s Way

Farming God’s Way

Based on the proven techniques of conservation agriculture, Farming God’s Way is a program originally developed in Zimbabwe that uses scientifically sound, no-till agricultural techniques combined with strong biblical teaching to radically transform farming practices and bring hope to farmers.

In many areas, Farming God’s Way has produced dramatic increases in yield. The beauty of this technique is that it protects and improves the productivity of the land at the same time, reducing the need for chemical fertilizer or pesticide application.

In Kodera, Christopher Sure, a pastor and community leader, planted his field using the Farming God’s Way principles. Other local farmers were skeptical and unwilling to change. Pastor Sure’s results, seen below, amazed the local farmers. Change comes slowly to Kenya but Pastor Sure has opened a new door for improving yields and protecting the soil.

Farming God’s Way is an agricultural process proven to increase yields and improve the ecology.  Many of the principles like “zero tillage” are now part of modern American agriculture.

The three main principles of Farming God’s Way are Biblical Training, Technology and Management. More information is available at

This year, Farming God’s Way is being implemented by our Kodera project in western Kenya. Below is a progress report from November 2008.

“Florence and myself have planted our maize farm in the new method: farming God’s way! I thought i must take the lead for it made sense to me. I invited James and Daniel plus many others to witness a new idea of farming being experimented (that is the way I put it). Daniel and James Outa watched the video with me and Dancan but he (Duncan was not present on the day of planting for he was away on a journey. Duncan is already looking for bamboo sticks so that we can equally do the bamboo bicycle. Gideon and Dismas will soon begin the rocket stove. Right now, everyone is harvesting and preparing the land for planting.

I have attached photos here to update you on the projects that we have been doing since Nairobi conference. This first batch of photos is about Farming God’s Way. The last of the photos show the maize some three weeks after planting.

You will see the pictures of planting process and the ground as it was during planting. Everyone who watched me planting wondered why I had to waste so much fertilizer and seed. some out of respect said I was just doing some experiment and was not growing maize for real. Now, the ground, with all the mulch has changed tremendously and the maize is doing great and everyone is amazed. The maize is much more than they are in this photo 1091 and is healthier than all the maize in the farms around.

We will think of how best to do this when planting bigger farms. This process is quite involving and we will see how well the harvest is which right now is very promising.”

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