Kodera, Kenya – A Forgotten Village

Kodera is a rural village of nearly 20,000 in the highlands of  eastern Kenya.  It is a village of Luo people.  They survive primarily from agriculture.  In the 1930’s an illness passed through the village that left many of the people temporarily blind.  Local superstition lead to the belief in the surrounding villages that these Koderan people were cursed.

Eventually the government of Kenya took Kodera off the map.  Since that time the government hasn’t recognized the village or provided basic assistance.  These people were completely on their own and were a dying community.  There was no electricity, running water, medical care, or road maintenance.  Educational facilities were minimal and inadequate for learning.  Crop failures and malnutrition were frequent.  Medical care was sought by walking 10 km down a dirt road.  Then the sick people had to wait for the twice a day bus to ride to the hospital 15 km away.  Infant and childhood death rate was about 50%.

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